You Can’t Control the Weather….

“You can’t control the weather!!! But you can control your attitude toward it!”

And that’s how I knew… she was a woman right up my alley. She rolled with it. I mean really, really rolled with it.

That’s what she said to me as they were stepping back into the truck after a surprise snow storm hit us 15 minutes into a shoot.

I’ve lived here in Wyoming my whole life. So I know the weather is, to say the least, unpredictable. And this past spring, summer and fall…..I have been fighting the weather a bit more than usual. I have been covered in more dirt and rain and snow than I have been in past years.

And you know what. That’s part of my job. And I love it. It exhausts me. I may look like a homeless person half the time, but… you know… you gotta roll with it.

So when the blizzard came, I wasn’t surprised.

We shot anyway.

And as you can see.

We still laughed.

We smiled.

We giggled.

It worked.

The girls were a dream. I shot fast because they let me. They did everything I asked and more. And truly, that made it that much more awesome.

Thank you to this new family… who I hope isn’t always new to me… for your patience. I appreciate it so so much!

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  • Dorothy

    My friend Nycole!  LOVE these photos!  The girls are so grown up!