A Different Look

At the end of a long day. One I had spent mostly in a foul mood. Because I had spilled half a bucket full of polyurethane all over my kitchen. Because my toes and shoes were hurting and the wrong color. Because plans just didn’t go the way I had in my head. Schedules didn’t work. The wind was blowing. Because of all the little things that make a day go wrong….

And then I met her.

And all of that… meant nothing.

I saw a light shining in her. She was excited to be there. She was willing to do whatever we asked. And she brought joy to me. So much joy.  And she inspired me to be stronger than I have been. Pull that strength from wherever  I can find it. Her head was adorned with beautiful henna, the reason we were taking her photos. Something I just happened upon and asked if I could capture…. because I just needed to. I didn’t know her. She didn’t know me. But we know each other now. And what a great blessing.

She candidly told me her story.  And I knew she hurt when I asked her to move a certain way. But it was ok with her.

It was an unexpected, beautiful evening. Both women I spent that little of time with, I needed them in that moment. To put a little perspective into my heart. To make me smile. To bring me a little bit of calm.  I needed to be there to make them smile. There were lots of smiles.

So thank you to both of you for this. I truly appreciate it.

Henna by the talented Annalee at Marigold Boutique  (She even does henna parties!!!)

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  • Tolly

    Beautiful inside and out!