I’m Stacey J.

I’m a Wyoming girl. One who meanders. One who likes her coffee in the morning. One who rarely misses a sunrise.

I’m just as analytical as I am creative, but fueled by a passion for creativity.

I’m a dreamer, a writer, a painter, a builder, a baker and a magic picture taker.

I have a heart full of adventure and wonder and I spend a great share of my time exploring the world around me. Out my back door or across the world.  My mother says I have a untamed spirit. I would agree with her.

I wear hats 75% of the time, because I hate my hair. And I like hats.  Bubble Gum ice cream is my favorite. I think and associate people and words with colors, even though I’m colorblind on one end of the spectrum. If asked to describe something, the color of it is the first thing I will describe.

I believe that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” ……that has been my motto for years.

I don’t believe in perfection. Imperfection is so much more interesting.

I believe in stopping the moment how it is and not how it’s supposed to be.

I share what I see.

I share what is beautiful.

What is sometimes not so beautiful.

I share photos.

And stories.

I share things that make me laugh so hard I snort and snot comes out my nose.

I share things that have left me crumpled on the floor in misery.

I share stories and pictures of my friends and family.

I share pictures and stories of people I just met… because in the end, we’ll probably be friends.

I share in words and pictures because people hear me better that way. I’m soft spoken. And my voice doesn’t carry.

So, friends, family….newcomers

Grab a cup of coffee. Or wine. Or gin. Or water if you’re one of those healthy people.

This is my life…. come on in!