A Mother Sonday

It was one of those awesome weekends. So much goodness.

A beginning yoga class for me. Which I loved.

A huge win for my Big Little Dino Dude on the basketball court.

A last minute stay in a hotel where I don’t have to make the bed in the morning. A warm fire in the lobby.

Fantastic food and coffee along the way.

And the ice.

Oh the ice.

I always think to myself I will take clients there. I will have an amazing shoot.

But in the end. I want to be with and see my son there more. His smile is worth more to me.

And his reaction to it was more than I could have asked for.

He begged not to go.

And the ski traffic was worth it all.

The first time we saw these, I’m not sure he was old enough to be impressed. Of course he was impressed while we were there, but it was soon. We saw them at night the first time, which is AMAZING, but I think the daylight was just as amazing, if not better. Because you can actually see what was built.

I hate being cold. Like HATE it. But I can assure you won’t notice it here. You walk through a tunnel of ice and into a magical world. Music playing in the background. Picked perfectly for the occasion. Anna from frozen showed up and the little ones just adored her. Photographers were everywhere with models. Without models.  And I had to take a minute to let my cameras hang to the side. Look around me at all the joy. Smell the smell of ice. Because ice does have a smell. It’s clean. If the color blue could smell, I imagine it would smell of ice.

Go guys. Make the best of the cold weather. I promised myself I would this year. Instead of letting it make me irritated.

The Ice Castles this year are in Dillion Colorado this year. I think they pick a different location every year, as I first saw them in Steamboat, and I know they have some in Utah as well this year. If you’re looking for some awesome food while you’re there, Sauce on the Blue. Italian amazingness. If it can impress a 12 year old boy, you won’t be disappointed.