It’s About Time

If the destiny of a new year is at all indicative by its first sunrise….then we are in good shape.

It was filled of my favorite colors in nature. And I greeted them quietly.  With calm reverie. Hope.


At the beginning of each year you  never really know what the next twelve months will bring.

Twelve months.

To those who wait for time to pass, twelve months can seem like an eternity.

I am often guilty of that.

To those who wish for time to slow down, twelve months goes by faster than a shooting star.

I am often guilty of that as well.

Time never really seems to move at an appropriate rate for most of us. Those who wait or wish.

So for this year……

I hope to handle time with gentle hands.

Be more appreciative of it.

Use it wisely.

Be fierce and motivated by its swiftness, but uncontrolled by it.

And don’t be afraid to waste a little bit of it. Because that’s ok to.

Sending love and light to everyone on this first day of January. May time be on your side.