The Days In Between

There are a few days in-between here and there. The days between Christmas and New Years. The days between utter chaos and utter boredom (on the the kids part anyway.)  And I’ve seen in mentioned that people seem a little lost in these days. Stuck between the two years. Not ready to move on, but not ready to get there either.

Those in between days…. are some of my favorite of the whole year.

Because…. well… nothing.

I don’t force myself to do anything. There are no lists. There is no schedule. And in the end, I am more productive those days than I am on so many other scheduled days.

And also…I play hard.

Because, I just do.

And this morning, I saw what was outside. And I hopped in the car in my pajamas (which guys, is a step down from yoga pants, because sweatpants…..are um, well… how do you describe sweatpants?), a stocking cap, and giant boots. And I drove for just a little bit And stopped whenever I wanted to. Down a familiar road. That I am never on without driving slowly.

And I took pictures because I wanted to.

Because it was too beautiful not to.

And by noon it was gone.

I love those in-between days… so very much.