Just You and I


Twice a year. He and I. We get dressed up, (because we both like to get dressed up) and we pose. For approximately 10-15 minutes.

This year…..

Gurty was involved. (Gurty, my beloved VW van who I finally have a lead of someone who may be able to paint her in the next year or so. Someday I truly believe she will be what I envision her to be. )

I only ask him to sit still, with me, a couple times a year.

And he does.

Very willingly.

Because he’s a good kiddo.

Despite the occasional eye rolls when asked to unload the dishwasher. Despite the fact I am a HORRIBLE parent for not allowing him to have a phone yet, or play tackle football. Despite the fact he’s a pre-teen boy, who spends WAY too much time on you tube.

He’s a good kid.

And I am one lucky mom.

This boy and I…..despite his preteen maneuvers, are freakily alike. And not because I have any influence over him. (OK, maybe a little) He just is. The way he talks. The way he behaves. The way he thinks. Poor kid can never get away with anything, because he thinks exactly like I do. He mind works like mine.

So Dino Dude… now that you’re old enough, and I know you read this.

Thank you. I love you.