Easy Green Chili

One of my favorite smells in the wide world…. roasted green peppers at the farmers market in the fall.

I pick up a bag almost every week. (Along with a hot cup of coffee.)

And my favorite thing to do with them… make green chili.  Really really easy green chili.

This one is a little easier and a little less time consuming than the one I made several years ago.

I only eat it in the fall, that way I crave it every year.

And did I mention how easy it was?


  • Chop up one onion and 5 or 6 cloves of garlic.
  • Sautee with one stick of butter (the real stuff).
  • Add a couple large spoonfuls of flour to make a rogue.
  • THEN… add two cups of water.
  • 3 bullion cubes
  • and 1 bag full of cleaned, seeded and chopped roasted green pepper (10-12)
  • Bring to a boil and let thicken.
  • Add a couple teaspoons of cumin and salt and pepper to taste

That’s it.

It’s amazing and easy and I love it. And I eat it alllllllll the time. So does my pre-teen kiddo. And that’s saying something!

(You can add pork to this recipe if you want or need. I just happen to like it without!)