The Lucky One


Over the years… many, many years now, I have made some incredible friends through this lens of mine. This family, has become so near and dear to my heart. (Especially the one on the right up there…)

I know that I can make them laugh. I know that they will make fun of me. I know I will make fun of them. I know that we will all laugh together and I know that there will be some sort adventure involved, shenanigans (though this year was pretty calm…. next year though, look out!) I’ve seen them go through stages of life. I’ve seen their children go from kids to young adults. I’ve seen them manage high school and college and elementary school. And new jobs. And I know that when I get to sit down for a cup of coffee, it’s ok if I cry or complain or laugh hysterically.

So thank you… to all of you. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you for finding me all those years ago and sticking with me. <3

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  • Krista

    These are so beautiful and fun!!