These Are the Kind That Make Me Feel Old

Her mom and I were trying to figure out how old she was when I first met her. And it was so long ago that neither of us could remember…

I was not a photographer then. I had a fresh finance degree and was using it instead.

But they were, all those years ago… one of my first clients. They let me spread my wings even if I wasn’t super awesome at it yet…

And all this time later. Through different jobs and different homes and different things, kids…..I have been able to capture both of her children as they are moving on to the next stage in their lives.

They have similar stunning eyes. Lovely lips.

But their personalities are a little bit different. And I just happen to know… her sister is probably more excited to see these. And that’s just totally cool with me.

Thank you for letting me the one to do this. This step for kids… it’s big. And I love being a part of it!