The Early Bird

This gorgeous girl contacted me last November about her senior pictures. She was completely on the ball and because of that I got to shoot her in the rain with the pink apple blossoms. Mind you it was pouring and we were freezing and her hair was soaked even though there were umbrellas everywhere….and there was lots of laughing… but my point is…I never get to shoot seniors with apple blossoms and we sure tried our best!!!

Fast forward a few months when we are all tanner and warmer and drier…. we spent an evening in the mountains. And I tell you what… there is something about mountain air that just relaxes me. We had so much fun. Both her and her mom are the type of clients that I hug when I leave them. That there is soooo much laughing we can’t hardly get the pictures taken. The commentary behind the scenes is hilarious. And I adore that. I know I say this about all my seniors, but I sure am excited to see where she goes and what she does. And I hope that takes time out of whatever she’s doing…. to fish.