We Called Her Tommy…

We called her Tommy. But that’s not her name.

I’ve know her since I was 13.

And know that I’ve said it once or twice before, but truly, it’s surreal to photograph someone you’ve known since that age with their children. Their beautiful children who look like them. Who have some of their demeanors. Who are just as ornery as I remember their mother being. She was the new kid in town. And I remember very vividly when she came to our school. I also remember very vividly when I left…. off to be a new kid at a new school. We had that in common.

And now… she’s grown up. With kids of her own, almost about that age. It’s humbling.

And it’s amazing to get to catch up. I love it. And we need to do it more than every couple year (hint, hint…)

Thanks for letting me do this for you my friend. And thank goodness we dodged the rain for just a little while!!!!

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  • Michelle

    I should’ve worn my gym shorts…😏