“Smile Like You’ve Never Smiled Before!!”

That’s what the littlest one said as he was helping make his brothers and sisters laugh. He said this as he had my giant camera bag on his back and a big blanket covering his body. A fantastic helper.

It’s been toooooo long I told their mom. They have added to their family since I saw them last. And I needed to catch up with them and see how much they’ve changed and grown. That’s my favorite part.

And boy have they changed. They are all teenagers and Tweens. So much has changed since I’ve seen them. They are tall. And have deep voices.

They have smiles and laughs that light up the day. They giggle and fight just like any other family. They tease. And they let me tease. I absolutely love that kind of family.

It was sooooo good to FINALLY catch up with you. Let’s do it again sooner this time!!!