Where Did That Time Go??!!!

Almost a decade ago there was a rather large group of maternity nurses….that I took photos for.

Mind you… I was new to the photography world back then.

I had no idea what I was doing. But I did it with great passion and enthusiasm to learn. I was always so happy that other people actually wanted me to do this for them.

I still had a full time job.

And I worked day and night to be better at what I did as a side gig. (Guys… by the way, that’s how you know when your side gig, isn’t really a side gig.).

Fast forward a lot of years. And I still have kept in contact with sooooo many of these lovely ladies. And their families. My equipment is a bit better. My method is unchanged. And I still work day and night to become better at what I do. (Guys, this is how you know it’s a true passion.)

And now…. this quiet young man, is graduating. Makes a girl feel old. But also very honored to be able to capture these.  It was a scorching hot afternoon to be wearing a letter jacket, but he did anyway. He was a sweet boy back then and he is still such a sweet young man.

Thank you for trusting me with your memories!