About The Rockets Red Glare

During the Battle of Baltimore, and the bombardment of Fort McHenry,  Francis Scott Key watched from a boat. Watching, knowing that if the flag that was flying on the rampart in the middle of that fort, were to be lowered, it meant defeat. It meant surrender. And yet it stayed up. It still flew. Through the bullets, through the red rockets. It still flew.

In the morning, during the dawn,  upon closer inspection…. Mr. Scott found that flag was torn to shreds. With so many directs hits, but still standing. Torn to pieces, but still standing.

And do you know what held up that flag?

Patriots. Who literally died holding it up.  One after another.

The flag was held up, by men who had died… who had kept it high enough…. that from a distance, through the bullets and the red rockets, it was perfectly in place.

So don’t let the words to the song float over your lips the next time you sing it.

It means so much.

Cheers my friends… to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.