That One Toy

Most of us moms and dads remember that one toy our toddler just couldn’t live without.  Wouldn’t go anywhere without it tucked under the arm. And then your kiddos more than likely, at some point in time, will grow out of that toy. It may take a decade… but at some point you’ll find that toy all scuffed and beat up and worn out. And you’ll miss the days when you had to fight over it. Or you had to drive an hour back home to get it. Or there was a huge breakdown in target because you forgot it.

This little guy… it’s a soccer ball. He carried it everywhere. Wouldn’t put it down. Wouldn’t hardly take a step without it. Was surrounded by bubbles and still had a death grip on it!  (We did get just a few without it… mostly because there had to be tickles and mom and dad squishes!)

I don’t really discourage parents from taking away their baby’s favorite toys. Just for the sake of making the picture more perfect. They are part of them. They are part of that stage. My son carried an Elmo around for several years and then was covered in dinosaurs for the next several. They are in all our pictures. And when I look at them… that’s him. And the picture is perfect just the way it is!

It was a beautiful evening for them. The weather and the wind was perfect! So glad I got to catch just a few moments in their day!