The Things About First Birthdays….

A few things I know about celebrating first birthdays….

They are sometimes way more fun for the parents than they are for the kiddo.

They may not like the cake.

There will probably at some point be a melt down. And it may not be the one year old having it.

You will probably at some point in time during the day…. look at your baby and shed a tear. Because you managed to keep them alive for a whole year. Because they look so different yet so much the same as the day you brought them home.

You will be an old hand at changing diapers, and bath time and naps. But new to the world of walking and teething and talking. And every year there will be something you master. And something you have no idea what you’re doing. That will never change.

One thing I know about her…. she can stare my camera down and that’s all she really needs to do for photos… because she has that look. She will always have adorable clothes and matching accessories. And well decorated parties. She will laugh. And by this time next year…. I hope I get to hear her voice. Because I know it’s going to be darling.

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I hope you have an awesome day!