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For the Big Kids

I see grown up coloring books popping up everywhere right now.

And I keep reading articles about how good it is for you to color.

How therapeutic it is

Well… I do that all the time (in the little spare time that I have, normally at 2 or 3 in the morning when I’m not sleeping.)

And so I thought the little man could help me with a few of the designs. He did about half of this last night.

I love it. It makes me happy.


So….. it’s the week of Thanksgiving.

Those of us cooking for the masses are already preparing.

I made these a while back and they went over super amazingly.

They are easy.

You can adjust the recipe to whatever you want to have in it.

They look pretty and are crazy easy.

Give em’ a whirl if you are looking for something to take or make!


This shoot was a long time coming.

It’s been in the works for quite a while and we finally got it done!!

And I was soooo happy that it was such a beautiful day. (high 60’s in mid november! Holy Moly!)

This little guy changes immensely this past year. He grew a ton of hair AND he was talking like a maniac! Crazy!


Sometimes shooting this time of year means we have to be a little bit cold.

Ok, kind of a lot cold.

However, that normally means you get to snuggle.

And snuggling is the best!


It’s an awesome thing to be able to celebrate milestones with family members.

Like the big 0-1.

And I got to do just that.

And you know… it’s pretty much the only birthday that eating a cake that looks like dirt out of flower pot, and smearing it all over your face and hands and stomach is funny.

Might be a little weird when your my age.

Or it might be funny then too.

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