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The Circle Of Life

Several years ago, I shot a twin girls, just graduating from college. They were new to adulthood. Everything was waiting for them.

Fast forward, and guess what…..I got to shoot one of their babies!!!

And holy moly, this kiddo is one cute baby. He tends to be a bit on the stoic side (which personally, I totally love about babies sometimes.)  He seems to be a bit serious. But man, when he does smile, and those dimples show through, you’re done for. There’s not resisting him. He had some awesome faces for me, that I just loved. Even his cries were some of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! 

The Kid

God Bless the kid who will help me test papers, windows, pretty much anything I ask him to do. Of course there’s normally Starbucks involved, but none-the-less…..

He’s also not too bad behind the camera with the clicker. I told him to tell me what to do, and this is what he came up with (no worries people, he still has his whole future planned out as a dinosaur digger.)

An Update

I have a lot of friends and family that ask very often about my little Dino Man’s eyes, thank you so much for always thinking of him guys! I’ll try to  keep updating you all here at least once or twice a year.

They are stable. And this is good.

He is still seeing the three specialist for the corneal, retinal and general pediatric eye problems, though we did stop patching several months ago, as there wasn’t much more we could do to strengthen that left eye. (he had so much corneal scarring that he just couldn’t see through it and stopped using it at the very beginning of the whole process.) As you can see he’s still in bifocals for reading, but the glasses still don’t really do anything to help his vision. They are there for protection for the most part, and truthfully, he loves them. He was made to wear them.  (I mean look at him!)

He will hopefully be going off autoimmune medication this coming fall, and from there we will see what happens. We are all unsure of what will happen after that point, since the medication was experimental for treating the corneal issues.  I will definitely let you know how it goes though!


It’s Fat Tuesday, Gorge Yourself!

It’s Fat Tuesday!!! Are you guys going to celebrate?!  (I believe this is also call Shrove Tuesday, in which many places eat pancakes, so if you want to go grab those for supper, it would be just as awesome!) We had to celebrate Fat Tuesday on Monday, but it’s all good, changing things up is never a bad thing, it was still pretty much fantastic! I made Jambalaya (you can find the recipe here!), and Pralines (which I made with real butter this time and it made a huge difference in the way they  turned out!)  and Muffelettas (my personal favorite!) and praline caramel ice cream. It was pretty much comfort food to the max!

So, go wild tonight, eat it up!!!


Do You Want to Build a Snowman, in the Mountains, Without a Kid?

It’s was my list… my very, very, very long list, to snow shoe. I live in Wyoming. I lived next to a ski shop for years, and still, I never tried it. So, we took a day away. Away from everything, away from the Dino Dude, and borrowed some snow shoes.

I wasn’t expecting to like it at all.

I was thinking that I would try it, it would be a lot of work and I really wouldn’t do it again.

On the contrary….I think I will be purchasing some snow shoes.

We hiked to the top of the mountain, took a nice long break, built a snowman (because it made us happy and we’re kind of whimsical that way, and because we thought other passer bys would love it too) and came back down.



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