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  • Never apologize for your own sense of beauty.
    Nobody can tell you what you should love.
    Do what you do brazenly and unapologetically.
    You cannot build your sense of aesthetics on a consensus.
    ~CJ Nicolai

  • Have a seat. Grab a cup of coffee. There's so much to share here. Food. Pictures. Stories. Laughter. Tears. Joy. Beauty. Family. Friends. People I just met. I like to find the magic in the ordinary. I like to make the ugly not so much. This is my life.... come on in!

Don’t Tamper With It…

“I believe I was supposed to catch life going by me, that I wasn’t supposed to alter it or tamper with it.” Annie Leibovitz

My thoughts exactly.

All Boy

These boys I haven’t seen in a while and I tell you what… they were all boy. ALL BOY. Bugs, and adventures, that’s what they were after!!

The Golfer Boys

These two were my first set of twins to shoot. I’ve been seeing them since just after they were born. I still can’t tell them apart… I think mainly from the fact that they are really quiet around me. They don’t chat much (though I know they are chatter bugs with their parents and I know exactly what that’s like!) We spent some time on the golf course last night. Right before the rain came down. And they were adorable as usual decked out in their plaid shorts and crawfish belt buckles and ties. Loved them.


Sarsaparilla (root beer) Pie

So we are well into Cheyenne Frontier Days here on the plains. Lots of cowboys, lots of concerts, lots of animals, some with four legs and some of the human kind. There are thousands of extra people around and many of us have family visiting. Here is an easy recipe for dessert if you are looking for one. We froze ours and it turned out just perfect!!!

Friendship Bracelets

In the summers when I was a kid, I spent the days at the swimming pool. And when I wasn’t at the swimming pool, I was making friendship bracelets. I would pin them to my knee (because that’s what the cool kids did), and sit down in front of the TV and make these awesome bracelets. Mine were always kind of little, because I was afraid of making the big fat wide ones. But all the high school kids had hundreds of them, up and down their arms. Well, my kiddo has been coming home in recent months with bracelets up and down his arms.  The little plastic woven ones. They can get really complicated. They are normally given to him by friends (girls for the most part, which is still kind of adorable.) So I thought…well hell, I can do that. No problem. I can be represented in a vintage way. So I made a couple. They took FOREVER. and EVER.  Of course I wanted to make a complicated one which required watching several you tube videos made by 15 year olds who like totally went really fast so I totally had to rewind a million times. (Here it is in case you were wanting to make one…I used 12 strings instead of 8. )

And since I don’t want to wear it all the time, I decided to put it on a couple pieces of cheap leather from Michaels, which is also hard work and now my fingers really hurt from sewing it, but that’s beside the point. I have to say, it brought back great memories from childhood to make them, which in the summer time, is never really a bad thing.

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