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The Goods for Men

I had a awesome shoot a while ago for some of the new products being rolled out for Alexis Drake’s mens line. I always wait until everything is being rolled out to share some of my favorite images from the shoot and some of crazy outtakes!

There will be a popup shop at Storm Men’s shop down in Fort Collins, so if you are in the area, stop in and tell her hello and buy some stuff!!!


A Sign of a Good Snow Day

Clothes strewn everywhere after throwing oneself in the snow over and over.

And then a little-not-so-little Dino Dude saying “Mom! Watch!” as he stood in the middle of my kitchen and shook the rest of his clothes clean of snowballs.


I will miss strewn clothes and snow all over my house someday.

Oh wait… I think he got that habit from me.

Epic Snow

I’m not a big fan of snow.

I think I liked it for a little while when I was a kid. I remember making a neighborhood tunnel out of snow. I remember feet upon feet upon feet of snow growing up. (Though it could have bee 8 inches because everything from childhood seems to be larger than life.)

The first time I visited Steamboat Springs, I was in 4th grade (my son’s age now) and I was on a girl scout trip to learn how to ski. My sunglasses were teal Rayban knock offs, and my mom sent me with strawberry chapstick to keep my lips from chapping. Never mind my face being burned.  I slept in the gymnasium, and my leader was a snorer. I still have the postcard I bought there, it hangs on my postcard board.  It was one of the few times I left home alone as a child without my parents.

This year, on the annual snow trip (destinations change from year to year and after this year’s driving conditions, I’m going to vote on a warmer climate….) the snow was epic.

That’s the only way I can describe it.

It was more than I had ever seen there. Truly a white magical wonderland. Until you step in it and you land yourself in thigh high snow. And then I don’t think it’s magical anymore. And I need a bath.

But the snow there is different than it is where I live.  It’s calm. And it stays in one place. And you can go out and play in it for longer periods of time.  And so we did.

As usual, I didn’t take near enough photos, but I did get a few epic ones that I loved…..

The One in Steamboat

I’ve known these guys since before any of the children were even figments of the imagination.

One of my most fond memories of her was when I was just a couple weeks away from becoming a new mother. I had spent all those months being completely miserable. And I really really wanted my toenails painted.  I couldn’t reach them and I couldn’t afford a pedicure (plus the thought of pedicures kind of freak me out) and she painted them for me.  It was a very small gesture. But one of the most kind and one I will never forget.

He took my son on his first boat ride down the snake river when he was six months old.

And now she is expecting her second baby in a few weeks. Life can be surreal that way sometimes.

I don’t get to see them that often, because they’ve moved all over kingdom come… but this time we got to see one another in Steamboat (their home for a while now) and I got to take some spectacular  photos of them in the mountains after a snowstorm.

Snow can be intimidating for family photos. But these guys literally jumped right in.  And so did I!

He’s Just Awesome

It was supposed to be 50 degrees when we took these… but here, when the wind is blowing, even just a little, it sure doesn’t feel like 50 degrees.

But we had fun anyway.

We played and explored and of course I got lost in alleys that I spend enough time in that I should know where I’m going.

What can I say…blame it on the polish blondishness of my nature I guess?

This little guy has changed so much since I last saw him. His hair is bigger. His smile is bigger. He talks. He’s awesome. And he let me hold his hand… which kind of melts my heart when little ones just let me hold their hand and explore with them. He has some awesome expressions and his dimples…. oh his dimples are going to break hearts.

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