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A Little Ham and a Little Camera Shy

The thing about my photography style… I’ve always just tried to capture things and people as they are. Not as I want them to be.

So sometimes I have kids that LOVE the camera. LOVE it.

And sometimes I have kids that don’t love it so much.

And that is completely fine.

I try to make them feel as comfortable as I can, and then I let them do their thing and try to catch them when they aren’t looking. Which was the case with the sweet little girl in these. She chatted and talked and walked and picked flowers, but wanted nothing to do with the big black thing I was pointing at her.  And that’s OK!  But her brother…. he pretty much loved it. Even with teeth coming in and drool coming out of his face, he was a happy little fella!



I had the privilege of meeting this fantastic family from Colorado last week. They drove up north, through dark clouds and ominous looking weather, not knowing if we were going to get poured on…..but for once, we didn’t!!!!

I have to say, I had soooo much fun with them. Plus they are all just gorgeous!  And their son, oh.my.goodness……his little teeth and his little voice (it’s kind of raspy and low and so adorable!!) and his eyes. He’s going to be a heart breaker for sure! The little one, well, she had her own agenda, and that’s totally OK with me, I like getting a run for my money!

Thanks guys for making the trip! My turn next time!


Fields of Yellow

While out and about, I found some amazing fields of yellow wild flowers. And of course I thought to myself, how wonderful would that be to shoot some little ones out there in the middle of all of that amazing color.

So I did.

These clients have been with me for many, many years. I took their engagement pictures. I got to capture them as they grew from two to three. And then from three to four. And it has been so fantastic to watch them change over the years. And now they are leaving me. I knew the time would come, as the military does that around here. But I have been assured they will be back. I sure hope that’s the case, because I will miss seeing them grow. And I will miss their little smiles, and I will miss getting to hug them when I see them each year. And cuddle when it’s cold.

While the flowers were beautiful and colorful…. we had to traipse through mud and water to get to them. And yes, I worked my “magic” on them. Thank goodness I have trusting clients, because I think a lot of them think I have lost my mind when I take them to some of the places that I take them.

I know they are leaving today, so I want to wish them luck in all their future endeavors. I’m sure their adventures will be amazing!


But you should know. It was really, really cold. And windy.  (This is what is actually looked like!  Poor thing was freezing.)

Last Day

Happy Last Day of Third Grade my Little Dino Dude (who is not so little anymore!)

The Thing About Storms….

Q u o t e