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  • Never apologize for your own sense of beauty.
    Nobody can tell you what you should love.
    Do what you do brazenly and unapologetically.
    You cannot build your sense of aesthetics on a consensus.
    ~CJ Nicolai

  • Have a seat. Grab a cup of coffee. There's so much to share here. Food. Pictures. Stories. Laughter. Tears. Joy. Beauty. Family. Friends. People I just met. I like to find the magic in the ordinary. I like to make the ugly not so much. This is my life.... come on in!
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    October 2014
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Born Together

These two were pretty adorable this year. They are getting so big and so active, and soon they will be starting school! Incredible. I can’t believe it. They are my only set of non-identical twins and I’m always amazed at how different they are, but how close they are as well (even though they are really really into wrestling right now!)

They were born together.

Friends forever!

A Few New Things

There have been a few projects that I’ve been working on lately.

First is an ongoing project from earlier in the year. Alexis Drake Jewelry has a new website up and running. Go check it out. Buy stuff. You’ll love it. I do.  (Click here to transport you to jewelry heaven.)



The second, The Statement Clothing Store here in Cheyenne went ONLINE! yay!!! Go check it out! Buy stuff! You’ll love it. (Click here to whisk you away.)

And third…you see at the top of the page up there? And the word “purchase.”  If you click that, it will take to another awesome spot on the web. The place where I now sell artistic photos. It’s been waiting for a long time to be connected to something, and now it’s connected! So, buy stuff. It will make you happy.

Soooo, shop until you drop. Buy Stuff. It will make you happy!

Enjoy Them While They Last

the colors that is.


The Patch and Some Crisp

My husband and I have always had awesome holiday traditions. We started going to the pumpkin patch LONG before we had a little one to take with us. Back then they weren’t so popular. And now, everyone goes to the pumpkin patch. It’s a big thing. Like the carnival. I don’t like that kind of patch. I don’t want to ride rides. I want to walk out to the field in search for the perfect pumpkin.  We find quiet patches and we go during the week to avoid the crowd.  It’s normally in the evening and the sun is golden.  You can see other little ones bopping down the rows, their heads barely coming above the weeds. I can hear my little boy talking about which one is better. Which one is more fitting for our family.  It’s wonderful. We find our pumpkins, pet the animals, watch the chickens, grab our corn stalks and then go home to soup that has been cooking in the crockpot. And maybe some cider. Once again, it’s wonderful. Even if it’s 20 degrees, it’s still wonderful.

This year, I made apple caramel apple crisp to have for dessert (I had a surprise box of apples delivered last week and I needed to use them quickly!) You have to try it!

He’s Going Places!


I’ve been so lucky this year to meet some of the most polite, sweet, good looking seniors. This guy is no exception. He has great great plans (engineer!) and I’m sure he will achieve everything he reaches for. What an exciting time in his life. Scary and thrilling. Full of new adventures. It’s going to be amazing for him!

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