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One Year Young

A year ago, I was shooting during a blizzard when this little one arrived.

And now, nearly a year later, he’s about to turn one. And it was warm enough for him to have a little bath in the middle of the woods. (Ok, maybe not a real bath.)

He’s such a happy camper, and I’m so glad I get to watch him grow!

Golden Hair

These kids….I see them twice a year and it seems like they grow a foot every single time. There are always more teeth missing, or longer hair. And there is always conversation.

When he was tiny, he would hardly let me near him. And he’d hide and shy away from me.

Now he holds my hand and tells me stories. And then when he’s done, he’ll tell me so. And then we’ll be done.

So this time, now that he’s getting older, I asked him if had a girlfriend.

“Well, yeah, I kinda do.” he said in his very grown up voice.

I asked him what color her hair was.

“It’s golden. Very golden. Just like mine.”

She must be a very lucky girl.

“Are you done taking pictures?” I asked as he just sat on the log he found.  “Yes, and now all I want is a giant chocolate bunny.”

Pi Day

Celebrated with Peanut Butter Pie and a quote from Albert…

“I believe in intuition and inspiration. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world.”


Go Pokes

Watched the sunrise over the capitol today. Couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit proud.

Live Your Life While The Sun’s Still Shining

What is your plan to do with your one, wild, and precious life?

My plan…..to see, and feel, and do as much as I can.


First of all, I have to start this, by saying, this past week’s adventure wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of my better half. We were in paradise because he is one of the best of the best at what he does. We were there  for him to be recognized and celebrated. And we weren’t alone either! He’s part of an outstanding team, who are also top notch, and fantastic at what they do.

To say I’m proud of him and everyone we were with would be an incredible understatement.

We spent our first day and half getting acclimated to Maui. I think my body was in shock from the warm weather and my mind was in shock of the beauty. Maui, and Hawaii  in general, is a bit cliche. You can’t help but feel happy there… and really, it’s a pretty magical place to visit. We got to stay at the Grand Wailea. Amazing. Just amazing.

I was able to watch whales from our beach chairs.  (Though, except for the spray of one in the third picture down, I didn’t catch any in action. I was too busy watching.)

I was able, for the first time, to start my day in the middle of the ocean, coffee in one hand, camera in the other. A couple of my favorite things.

I was able to snorkel with an endangered Monk Seal (there are only 900 left on earth) and spend some quality underwater time with a turtle, all by myself. All the while listening to the high pitched sounds of the whales below the waves. They were  having quite a conversation.

I was able to wander through a lavender farm inhaling the aromas and a stone fired pizza.

I was able to leisurely hang out in little tourist towns.

I was able to take surf lessons, in the pouring rain, and was able to rip some curls. Or whatever it is surfers do.

I was able to drive up and down craters, around winding roads, through valleys and around mountains.

I felt wind and rain and sunshine. I smelled the plumerias. Only Hawaii smells like that.

I found where the rainbows come to an end. Or maybe it was the beginning. I’ll leave that up to the philosophers.



“And you’re going to want to hold onto your mask if you choose to jump into the water, it will fall off and sink if you don’t, or you will look like this.”

“Look around you, there will be at least 3 of you that will failures at doing that, don’t be that guy.”

A water guy who is also a comedian. Loved him.


And, in our last minutes on the beach, the moon was shining, the waves were crashing, the sand felt so good between my toes.

And it was right at the moment, when from the bushes came a man running and  yelling at the top of his lungs. Buck naked, bare assed, into the ocean.

A perfect ending.

Hey, everybody dies.

But not everybody gets to live.

(a good lesson to take away from this trip.)

Aloha friends.


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