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School Age

I remember very vividly standing on a chair in their yard, just a few days after they were born, taking their first photos.  And thinking to myself how calm their parents are for just having twins.

And yesterday, two very sweet, very giggly girls went to Kindergarten.

And their parents were still really calm.

How awesome is that?

And oh my, time really does fly.

4th Grade

I was told this morning, when I  asked if I could wear my gym clothes this morning to drop off my kid at school “Something fancier would have been better, but I guess it’s OK.”

It’s starting. The embarrassment. I love it. LOVE it. It’s crazy fun to embarrass him.

It’s a big year, 4th grade. I remember it very well.

He was sooooo excited to be going back to school. He couldn’t hardly contain himself.  He took his teacher some apple dip (another tradition of ours and apparently is wide spread talk at the school.) The recipe is here if you want it!

We had a small but flavor filled apple feast last night (we were all going in different directions, not unusual around here, so we ate early) I tried a new apple cucumber salad that I was a little hesitant  about…. but ended up LOVING it. A few very different flavors together, make for one awesome flavor as a whole.

Happy First Day of School Cheyenne People. Let the learning commence!!!!!


He was a Cusser

This young man holds a special place in my heart.

I was there for his first birthday. I saw his naked butt streak across the living room more than once. (Yes I have photographic evidence. No I won’t share.)

He wore a tux for me. And he was darn cute. (No I won’t share that photo.)

And my favorite memory of him involved a cussing incident when he was about 3.

We were in a house full of people. And the poor little guy hit his head on the table (or something equally as hard) and from across the room I hear in a tiny little voice “Oh Bitch Ass, that hurt!”

His poor mother tried to calm us, a whole room full of people, to keep us from laughing. But really, it was kind of hard not to.

And in all honestly, after all these years, I’ve never heard him say that again.

And now… he’s graduating. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

He’s going to college next year. He’s almost the age I was when I met him. WHAT?

May his path be paved with golden stones. I can’t wait to see him turn this next corner and venture into life!

Thanks for letting me do this for you guys. Much love.


The great thing about this family, is if I tell them to meet me somewhere, where there’s a purple door, they show up. Even though that’s kinda weird. They trust me. If I take them down back alleys. They trust me. I love that about my clients. I love they trust my weirdness!

They have two kiddos that are leaving the nest for a while. My heart goes out to them.  And I’m thankful they trust me to capture these awesome moments!


It’s super awesome when your relatives come to you for photographs and you get to watch their kiddos grow. And you get to squish their cheeks and giggle with them. It’s kind of awesome!


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