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The Little House

I’ve had so many people ask over the last couple months….where’ve you been? Whatcha been up to?

I’ve been at the little house. Mostly.

And galavanting a little. (I’m always galavanting a little.)

Here’s the thing about me….I like to make things pretty.






I like to bring things to life. Or give them a life. Turn them into something, someone will love.

Our  next door neighbors decided to sell their house, and they came to us asking if we wanted it.

There was very little conversation about it, and before we knew it, we owned two houses on the block.

Sooooo, I went to work. It was my project for the most part and I was more than happy and willing to do it. There are some things in your life that you discover about yourself along the way, sometimes most unexpectedly. Mine is that I love to fix things up. There is so much gratification in hard work, and seeing something that was soooo gross (like 15 years of dirt) come to life and become something beautiful. I painted it to match my house. Hence…. the name the “Little House” as it’s just a smaller version of my house. This little house, it changed me a bit. It was a project I mostly did by myself (I had a contractor do the big stuff, and of course there were a few things the other half helped with.), but by and large, I did it. And it felt good.  AND….want to do it again. And again. It was kind of addicting to me.

But it’s done, and I won’t lie, I was a little attached to the little house.  I’m kind of sad not to be there working anymore.

So, onto a new project! Whatever that may be!


The Pair

I normally only get to see these two once a year and this year, I got to see them twice! They will be starting school in the fall. (How can that be, they were just born!)

North Dakota

When I was growing up, my dad and I used to make the long trip up North to the Turtle Mountains in North Dakota. We didn’t go alone every year, but a lot of years we did. It was what we did.

And I know when most people think of North Dakota, they think of barren farm land and cold winters and oil.

But that has never been what it is to me.

It’s always been thoughts of running through the woods, picking wild roses and raspberries. Staying out past dark with all my cousins (and there are A LOT of us), drive in movies and food. So much food. I would spend my time in a modest farm house where my grandparents lived. My Grandmother would have a feast waiting for my dad and I when we arrived, no matter how late it was. She was a large polish woman, with hands that had milked cows all her life, and kneaded bread and rolled pie crusts. She wore a kerchief on her head much of the time, until someone special would visit and then she would sit at the table and put her red hair in curlers. She laughed all the time and always told me to enjoy my youth. Every second of it. And to never cut my blond hair. My grandfather was a quiet observer. Tall and lanky and dark haired. But if you sat and talked with him, you would soon find out  his humor and whit and intelligence  was just hiding in there. To me, it’s stories told of my Aunts and Uncles of their childhoods, almost like you were living it yourself. It was an old fashioned, slow paced way of life. It was a place to escape and find solace in the forest and the hundreds of surrounding lakes.

I haven’t been to visit in almost 9 years. So I took my son with me and jumped in the car and headed down the long road with my dad. We wound our way through fields of  purple flax and golden canola and past well groomed farms until we got to the mountains, only a couple miles from the Canadian border. (You can see the border from several of our relatives homes, which is just another tree line.) The Dino Man and I spent a week on the lake. A different way to spend my time in North Dakota, one that I wasn’t used to, but amazing none-the-less. We spent our days fishing, and kayaking and swimming. And we would galavant all over kingdom come. He made friends (of course he made friends, when does he not?!) to boat and jet ski with. We’d run into the grocery store where I would meet a relative I didn’t know I had. We are related to most everyone in the area. We explored with grandpa, the land we’ll have to take over someday. We enjoyed the 4th of July activities of a small town (which throwing candy off of the floats in the parade was a HUGE deal for him, that doesn’t happen in our parades.) We ate and ate and ate. We got to spend time with my family. We got to see a newborn cow, that my dad and uncle had to pull.  We found our way past the Candian border to the Peace Gardens (and almost didnt get to come back with my little boy, as I had the wrong passport with me, talk about nerve wracking, getting shook down by the border patrol!) We meandered. We slept. We got to just be. Which was so needed for both of us and our busy, over scheduled lives. We found solace in the forest…and it was wonderful.

Another Year Has Gone By

This sweet baby celebrated his first baby recently, and I know I find myself saying all the time….”where did that year go?” It went fast and I got to watch him grow through my lens. Something I’m so lucky to do with so many little ones. And I’m thankful that I’m the one that gets to do that.

It’s fun to see their little selves come out in the first year. Their eye color, the hair, the temperament. It all changes so quickly and you have to catch it quickly.

It’s Been a Long, Long Time

I remember their mom (step-mom’s) first day of school as a new student. She had long, curly, dark hair and glasses. She was adorable. I was the new student two years before her. And being the new girl is never an easy thing. She made friends easily, and I was one of them, and when I left, to be a new girl again, at a new school, she was the one to throw me a party to send me off.

And now we’re grown. We have kids the same age. And I haven’t seen her in years and years and years.

I got to take pictures of her beautiful children a couple weeks ago. Sweet and ornery and beautiful and they look just like her. I can see her mannerisms in them. Their facial expressions. I always find that amazing, and surreal when you can see your friends in their children.

Thanks for coming to see me. And thanks for letting me do this for you! Sorry about the bugs. Totally worth it though!

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