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It’s Been A While

I haven’t seen this sweet little one in a couple years. Now she’s in school, and she’s getting tall, she’s losing teeth. and she’s kinda spunky.

Who doesn’t love a kiddo with spunk?!


I spent the weekend in the one town that has been a constant in my lifetime. The one town that, throughout all the years, will remain the same to me, no matter how much it changes. Where the park still has the same merry-go-round that I played on as a kid, and the roads still lead to the same places that I hold so dearly in my memories.  I began my Memorial Day literally driving down memory lane.  I was on the road, driving slowly past my grandparents farm, or what used to be theirs, wishing my grandmother was sitting on the steps waiting for me to arrive.

While I hope that BBQ’s were had, and laughs were shared, to anyone, who has ever lost anyone near to their hearts, soldiers or not, I wish you a day of peace.

And I give thanks to those who have served and fallen for my freedom.

Leather Goods

I’ve been shooting for Alexis Drake for over a year now and I have to tell you….we have sooooo much fun. And to watch her business grow and get to be a part of that, it’s pretty much amazing. Over the past couple of weeks, we worked on products and editorial shots, and we were both extremely pleased with the outcome. Basically it rocked.

Here’s a few outtakes.

Thank you to our sweet model. If you’re interested in purchasing anything, or just curious to check out the goodies…..you can find them here:  http://www.alexisdrake.com


Just Say….

I actually got to see my mom on mother’s day this year. It doesn’t happen that often. But this year it did.

So I sat her down for a picture, as we don’t have that many of just the two of us.

And then I told her ” ready?… now say ass cheek.”

Worked like a charm. I got a great smile out of her.

I love it that I’m all grown up and can do that to her.

Happy Mother’s day mom. Love you.

It’s All Relative

So, I have a lot of cousins.

Like A LOT.

But they don’t live here.

There are a lot of blond girls.

We’re all polish too.

It’s pretty much awesome.

But growing up I only got to see them once a year.

Well…I finally have one of them close to me, in Denver. Finally!

Of course they have babies and of course I get to take pictures of them. And this baby, holy moly. I don’t normally spout out statistics about them, but this one, his a big one. 6 months old and wearing 18 month clothing. He’s pretty much the hulk. And of course I think he’s the most adorable baby ever (next to mine and my nephew.)

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